More4 Really Quite Clever Quiz. Agency: 4Creative. You may have seen the brilliant adverts that inspired the quiz on your tele. Well, the evil geniuses behind these at 4Creative approached us to turn this into a real game. OK, a real, virtual game. Now, virtual pub quizzes can be typified as either having quality questions in a distinctly low-tech, un-atmospheric surround or they’re high on cheesy bells and whistles with questions that don’t particularly challenge or inspire. Our aim was to produce a high standard quiz in a context that reflects the production values we associate with the TV ads and with the More4 channel.

And thus the More4 Really Quite Clever pub quiz was born. Play on your own, play against another customer or challenge one of the More4 team to a fiendishly difficult specialist knowledge quiz.

The Twitterati were enthused by its sheer addictiveness, citing hours of revision and work lost. Go on, have a game, though make sure your boss isn’t watching. Oh, and look out for the odd cameo in drag in the loos… you’ll never watch Channel 4 News in the same light again.

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The march of progress_Lisbon, 2001

The march of progress_Lisbon, 2001