Tormented. Directed Jon Wright. UK distribution by Pathé. This is a template for how we think a successful online campaign should operate. We started early and embraced the energy of the young cast. We built them a toilet / confessions cubicle in which they gossiped, sang, graffitied and generally confessed all… we gave them Flip cameras to capture improvised in-character pieces… all the kind of candid, behind-the-scenes insight their teen fan-base craved. We rolled this out in the months up to release via a blog, a podcast and of course the website, featuring a suitably sassy yet dark immersive interface. Here fans could grab their favourite character’s content in the form of a mobile phone widget.

We love consistency. Social network pages were all branded consistently giving the presence of a much bigger film. We were even able to use some of our content to create the titles… though that’s a whole other story you can read about here.

The campaign was Pathé’s most successful to date, with traffic surpassing the previous best two weeks prior to release.

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The march of progress_Lisbon, 2001

The march of progress_Lisbon, 2001